Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is empowering; companies leveraging cloud will be able to innovate cheaper and faster

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a trusted cloud-based solution, providing high security to the system, database, networking, mobile, developer tools, and management tools. 

The AWS Solutions Architect Certification training will enable you to design, plan and scale AWS implementations utilizing over 70 cloud computing services. The AWS course is aligned with the latest AWS exam featuring Amazon designated best practices

Course Curriculam

AWS Solution Architect course curriculum is mainly focused on sharing in-depth knowledge about:

  • Identifying and recognizing cloud architecture considerations, such as fundamental components and effective designs

  • Best practices for AWS architecture

  • Developing to client specifications, including pricing/cost (e.g., on Demand vs. Reserved vs. Spot; RTO and RPO DR Design)

  • Architectural trade-off decisions (e.g., high availability vs. cost, Amazon relational database service (RDS) vs. installing your own database on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2))

  • Hybrid IT architectures (e.g., Direct Connect, storage gateway, VPC, directory services)

  • Elasticity and scalability (e.g., Auto Scaling, SQS, ELB, CloudFront)

  • Identifying the appropriate techniques and methods using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, Amazon virtual private cloud (VPC), and AWS Identity and access management (IAM) to code and implement a cloud solution.


Fresher’s/Developers and Architects/Professionals who want Project  

Experience in migrating and deploying AWS solutions/Professionals with IT Infrastructure background/Professionals with Virtualization experience/DevOps professionals